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Operation Hide and Seek pt. 3

Ryan fired one last shot and the mother ship exploded into pixelated wreckage. He smiled. Somehow that was still ridiculously satisfying. Meg used to get so annoyed by the old eight-bit style, but there was something about the blatant unreality of it. In a world where the lines blurred, eight-bit seemed like one of the few honest programs left. Still, they’d had some violent arguments about it – each twin dedicated to their own views. Meg, always dedicated to making things better. Himself, wondering if they’d already reached the best at some point in the past and foolishly lost it. The world was spinning out of control, a repeat of history – of a history where the only end had ever been blood. Right and wrong… maybe Meg was right, maybe it would be better just to let Management have final control. Maybe utopia was worth everything Management and Facility had done. Were doing.

Ryan sat back and attempted to rub the thought out of his head. He knew better. Maybe. Utopia always ended badly in the books, but maybe Hobbes was right and peace was better than liberty. Maybe real life was different from the books, maybe people really didn’t care about freedom, not really. Management did provide safety – freedom from war, crime, hunger, illness… did he have a right to destroy all that like some toddler knocking down a block tower?

“Dear God.” Ryan powered off the computer. The room was thrust into pitch black. Light wouldn’t come on till six thirty am. The start of another day in hell. “Dear God, why can’t things be simple?” Like the thousand times he’d prayed that line before, there was no answer.


It was late when Megan finally left the lab – probably close to 1 AM. And in the end she only left because she ran out of coffee and was having trouble keeping her mind focused. She half ran the two blocks to the staff apartment complex, her coat wrapped tight around her against the cold. The apartment wasn’t much better – her roommate must be half polar bear. The psych expert was sprawled across the couch, a blanket mostly sliding on the floor. Megan dumped her coat, kicked off her shoes, flipped on the light in the kitchen and searched the fridge in the vain hope that there was something edible inside. Only two half-empty bottles of beer and a week-old takeout carton filled with something unidentifiable. Megan chugged one of the beer bottles simply to keep Dr. Becky Summers PHD from it and headed for the bathroom.

“You’re late again,” Becky said. Meg glanced in the mirror to see Becky sitting up on the couch, blanket wrapped around her, staring bleary-eyed. “You keep doing this I’ll have to send in a report.”

“I’ll be useless on drugs and Management knows it.” Megan leaned toward the mirror to ensure that each tooth was brushed with the greatest care.

“Well if you’d talk to me maybe we could work out your latent inferiority complex.”

“I’m tired. I am going to bed. Good night.” Megan shoved her way out of the bathroom. Becky attempted to follow her into the bedroom, but Megan slammed the door and locked it.

“Latent inferiority complex my foot,” Megan mumbled under her breath as she dug through her hamper for something vaguely clean. She knew exactly what was wrong with her, and there was no way she’d ever tell some stuck-up half-drunk so-called expert. No, the problem was Ryan – nobody else could get under her skin like her twin brother could. Why did he have to be the special one? The one with a power she’d practically kill for? He could do this crazy cyber-space manipulation thing, and all she had was a brain that wouldn’t shut up. She couldn’t keep up with people like him. She had tried the whole “I’m practically Batman, I don’t need superpowers” thing, and it had nearly gotten her friends killed. Friends who were infinitely more powerful than she was. No, this chance to do science at a real lab, where her ideas could actually be recognized, was much better.

Megan flopped into bed and stared at the pills that lay on her bedside table. They’d put her out for at least eight hours, which put her at… 10am wake up time.

“Its the weekend.” Meg downed the sleeping pills and flopped back under her covers.


A Beginning in the End pt. 14

Arabella                                                                                                                 2020/1/12

I wandered through the town today searching for answers. There is still no sign that any of the monsters have discerned my presence here. I’ve been in this town for several days now, longer than I’ve been anywhere since I was last amongst other living people.

I found something today, something that tells the story of this place. Some one was keeping record of the events that occurred here. I found a book, a journal of what caused this place to fall. I’ll add it here in my own journal, a record of this mess from another perspective. If any of humanity survives this we will want all of the history we can find.

Excerpts From Found Journal                                                                 2012/6/3

The town council met today to discuss what is to be done. We’ve heard what is coming, not from official sources, they’re useless, but from family and friends who are probably dead now.

We’ve determined to barricade the town. We think it will work if we can gather enough supplies and construct a stable barricade. We’ve all agreed not to rely on the hope of outside aid. The army has already been destroyed by the epidemic and the government has just about had it.

We’re on our own now. Most of the world has fallen at this time and it’s up to people to band together where they are and try to stay alive. It’s all they really can do. For us the world now consists of our little town.










A Beginning in the End pt. 13

Logan                                                                                                           2020/1/11

Last night constituted another close call with death. She apparently doesn’t care enough about getting my life to make a proper effort and just kill me already. The monsters found me in that truck as I figured they would. I woke up more annoyed than anything else. Instantly I was on the alert, ready to destroy anything that attempted to harm me.

I drew my sword in complete silence as usual. The dead monotonously thumped on the metal side of the truck, using their usual method of banging on something until it yielded even if that took years. Their moans bombarded my ears and sent shivers of disgust down my spine. I’m afraid that I lost it then.

Almost getting myself bitten, I burst from the truck and began laying waste to the monsters. It was as though I honestly couldn’t help it. My sword cut through the air, coagulated blood flying and bits of flesh splattered probably a fifty foot radius around me. My blood lust was up and nothing could stop me until I had slain them all. It was only when they were all dead at my feet that the red mist subsided from my eyes.

I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I’m going to go mad soon if I haven’t already. I set out again once I’d seen the carnage I’d created. The sight disgusted me but I felt as though it was actually rather natural all things taken into consideration.

I walked close to thirty miles again today, hardly noticing the distance. My body would have gone on for another twenty if my mind hadn’t said it was necessary to stop for the night.

I’m holed up in this old apartment complex close to the roof. It has already been ravaged by the monsters but they’ve all wandered away now, leaving me with a relatively quiet place to stay for the night.

If I feel that it is safe I may go up to the roof tonight and take a real look at the stars. It’s been a long time since I’ve really just looked at the sky. I remember when stargazing didn’t put your life in danger. I remember when you could turn your eyes up to the sky for more than a moment without the fear that something was going to come up and end your life.

I’m so tired but I don’t want to sleep. I don’t know if I can sleep anymore even if I want to. My mind is restless and my thoughts refuse to settle.

I think I will stay up tonight. I don’t want to face my dreams, my nightmares rather. I can’t face them right now. I can’t face that darkness that lurks in my heart, not alone like this anymore. It didn’t used to hurt so much.

For a time the pain had faded away, just a needle in the back of my mind. Now it is so much more, growing everyday, worse than it was even at the very beginning. It aches more now, it is deeper and more throbbing, pulsing through the very marrow of my bones. I think it is harder to bear now because my hope that it will ever end is fading. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. I’m not sure I can take this much longer. How many years had it been now?

I don’t even like to think about how long I’ve wandered this desolate world. I’ve been alone for so long that sometimes I wonder if my memory of other people is just imagination. Maybe they never existed in the first place.