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Kòmanse Pt. 1: Intro

This will be my first post on thepenandtheinkstand. Now my stories are usually in a different form: I like to write epic poetry in the Anglo Saxon  style.  So here is the intro of Kòmanse. (Kòmanse means beginning)

Oh many faced; the fable writer

Ch’ian, let me sing; the story of cosmos

Let me see to past; previous of every man.

Of fiery Callindrill, of chaotic Mehiya

Of Zutar beating; of breather Nythil.

The children of Elyon; answers of their coming.

Inspire me Ch’ian; choose to shine upon me

The story must be told; of betrayal and evil

Of men alive; in this mourning

Of how death was born; birthed from injury

This is what I create; Ch’ian’s gift-story